Hyperbole_and_a_halfI’m picking up the feeling that mum has deteriorated quite a bit while we’ve been away  in Spain. Dad has begun to sound like he’s approaching his wits end. I’m updated by him when I phone (irregularly – see below) and says that he’s – ‘ok’, and often adds – ‘oh, I’ll tell you more when you’re back’.  Peter and Linda (brother and wife) fill me in more thoroughly by phone and via WhatsApp.  Things don’t sound too hunky dory.

First of all, we agreed – before we set off at the very end of August, that I would set up a telephone re-direct. Mum and dad had been getting all sorts of calls which had to stop. This resulted in me emailing dad’s telephone provider (Royal Mail) and then speaking with someone who purported to be in Preston. We put the re-direct in place and it seems to work. However, as all calls are redirected, we had to find a way to get through to mum and dad without a redirect. We found one, it works – except – mum often answers says ‘who is it?’ then hangs up.  So, getting through to speak with dad more regularly is a little hit and miss.

I also set up a Kirklees Gateway Carer’s Assessment for my dad. That is something not to be undertaken lightly! The response was remarkably swift and I have since had emails from, and talked to, the care worker assigned to my dad.  Many issues have come out to the discussion but I cannot progress them until we all meet together – all being well next week.

Because I’m away this month and because of her other commitments, I cannot meet the Admiral Nurse, Katie Dixon until November.

So, for the moment, the only contact mum is receiving from organisations is a weekly visit from Yasmine, of the Locala Adult Therapy Team.  I know that both mum and dad look forward to her visits very much. She has helped them with bathroom arrangements and helps mum with her mobility. She and I have also talked at length on the phone and she has set up quite a few things on my/our behalf. Thank you Yasmine.

Photo Credit:
(found elsewhere on the web – all credit to Allie for the cartoon)


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