Milton Keynes

Lost and Confused Signpost. No date.Last Friday, we visited friends in Milton Keynes. The drive down was fine, with intermittent, bright sunshine. I was therefore constantly changing from normal driving glasses to prescription sunglasses; an easy enough task, as I keep them on old-fogey-strings around my neck.

Having arrived at our friend’s house, I didn’t need the sunglasses again until setting off for a walk on Saturday.

I should say here, that I own two pairs of prescription sunglasses; I keep one pair in the car and another in my rucksack, and as I couldn’t find the car ones, I used the rucksack ones during our walk.

So – I ‘knew’ I had both glasses on the way down to MK but had ‘lost’ a pair somewhere after our arrival. They could not be found!  We searched high and low and eventually left our friends on Sunday without them.

Once we were home, I booked an appointment online with Specsavers (one was due) for Monday and as a consequence I bought another pair. Returning home from Specsavers I immediately found the ‘lost’ pair in a basket at the bottom of our staircase!!!! They had never been to MK.

So, how did I wear them en route and still find them in my rucksack? Remember; I had driven down with sunglasses on – but couldn’t find them when I needed them on the Saturday, so I used the rucksack ones – which, it turned out, hadn’t left Huddersfield!!!

The only explanation I have is that I’d put the ‘car glasses’ in the rucksack after we arrived in MK – and completely forgot doing so. Even now, I cannot make myself remember.

Photo Credit – with thanks.



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