Mobility visit – mum

A_Forest_of_Walking_Sticks_(26107976093)Last week, mum had a visit from the Locala Adult Community Therapy Service. This was for them to carry out a ‘mobility assessment’, mum having had a few falls recently.  The Occupational Therapist that attended was lovely with my mum and I suspect, stayed well beyond her allotted time chatting and helping us with mum.

Dad had errands to run, so I was there when Carol, the therapist paid her visit.  She began by chatting with my mum and asking her a variety of questions about dizziness, wobbliness, eyesight etc. and the first thing I made a note of was that mum needed an eye test. [This was later found to be incorrect as she has a diabetic eye test AND a normal eye test each year, and despite mum’s contention that she only wears glasses for reading, she has pairs to be used on a daily basis – so much for trusting the word of an Alzheimer’s patient!]

The next thing we discussed was shoes.  Mum has shoes made by the orthotic department at HRI and following her most recent fall – one pair are back at HRI being repaired.  Carol suggested that future shoes should have no heel, but wedges would be fine. She also suggested that mum’s slippers should have Velcro fastenings, so they could be tightened more appropriately. The ones she has are ok just now, but bear in mind the Velcro for the future.

Mum said that she probably had 4 or 5 cups of tea per day and it was suggested that she have at least one, preferably two more drinks in the day. She also needs her toenails cutting – mum’d said she usually did them herself. [Something else I found to be erroneous! She periodically attends a ‘foot clinic’ where such things are taken care of.]

Her blood oxygen level was logged at 97% (good), and her sitting B.P. 135/64 (again, good). Standing B.P. 142/60 (good, as expected) and stood-standing B.P. 140/70 (again, ok, as expected). Pulse was ok too.

Carol watched mum walk up and down the stairs and around the house.  She then suggested that rugs are removed, as they become trip hazards and that a second handrail be fitted on the stairs. We discussed this and agreed that it would be impossible as the l/h side is not a solid wall and inappropriate for such a device.  She then had my mum go through a variety of exercises aimed at testing mum’s foot, knee, leg and hip strengths – these all seemed to be ok although they wore mum out.

The nurse then discussed bathing and agreed to request another visit from elsewhere in Locala, to advise about bathing (tips, tools and techniques – now arranged).  This visit would also see mum being given some short, while-sitting exercises to do.

The single point of contact number for Locala is 0300 304 5555


3 thoughts on “Mobility visit – mum

  1. Did they do a bed assessment? Unfortunately, falling out of bed becomes a thing as sleep is disturbed. Night time wandering and stairs is scary too 😦


    1. No, not for mum. I’ve just agreed a bathroom inspection/advice session during which they will show my mum some simple exercises that she can do to improve her balance. A continence nurse will be next to visit, but that hasn’t been arranged. Dad is coping mostly, but aging quite swiftly himself (90 in October) 🙂


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