From_commons.wikimedia.org_wiki_File-Inbus-sruby.jpgThis time it’s only a small thing, a very small thing, both literally and actually.

The door latch to our bathroom was sticking and eventually, it refused to allow the door to be locked or closed.  I repaired it.

I stripped it all down, WD40’d the bits that needed it and reassembled, only to find that the lock (some kind of swivel mechanism) was too tight to work.  I adjusted that and hey presto – it worked properly again.

Well, it worked for a couple of days before the lock fell apart.

A locking screw or something had fallen out of the barrel. I’d obviously not tightened it back up correctly. So I searched the floor and the vacuum cleaner bag – but no screw could be found. On Monday then, when the hardware shop was open again, I popped along to see if he had such a very tiny screw that would fit our lock.

Of course, I took the barrel with me and he inspected it for a few seconds before saying that it wasn’t a screw I needed but an Allen Key. I was puzzled and asked how he knew that. He said that there was an Allen bolt still in there and that it had obviously not been tightened enough. To prove this he removed the Allen bolt to show me.

And there is the issue: I had no memory whatsoever of using Allen keys to repair the door. None. But I must have used a set of keys to remove the lock mechanism. Even now, writing this, I cannot trick myself into remembering.  Hey ho.


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