The Maze


Rather than take over my Saturday Walks blog with memory related posts, I have decided to continue logging my mum’s decline here; along with my own reflections of (perhaps) increasing memory loss.  Earlier ‘Mum’ posts can be seen on the Mum’s Memory page.

Since my last post (, mum has started her treatment.

I continued to phone the clinic every day and left the same message with whoever answered.  We eventually conversed on first name terms and I told Kerry that I just needed to know whether mum could have the Donepezil or not.  The doctor didn’t actually have to speak with me, she could just say “yea or nay” to someone who could give me the message.

Eventually however, the consultant/doctor did ring me and explained that the cardiology appointment that has caused the delay (the consultant/doctor not having been aware of it before she met my mum), was nothing to worry about – the ECG that mum had had, had just shown up some lines (I think that was the word) that are probably historical; so it just needs checking out to be sure.

I’ve since learned of other people who are or were on Donepezil, including close relatives.  Some of these have heart problems – so why it caused a concern in mum’s case I don’t know.

We met Jade from Making Space on Thursday.  She helped us to fill in the Attendance Allowance (AA) form – which is a quite invasive document.  Things are now in the hands of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – who, given the reports on their performance over the last seven years, will probably say that mum should stop shirking and get back to work!

Nevertheless, without my dad there to help, mum couldn’t really look after herself anymore.  Dad shops, cooks and makes sure that mum remembers to eat and take her drugs.  For a man approaching ninety years of age, he’s doing a cracking job.

However, he too needs respite and the AA will hopefully allow him to get that.  We’ll see.

My next job – to explore and contact Kirklees Council’s Gateway to Care.  I’m told that I may lose the will to live!

* The appointment made for 31st July has now been cancelled and eventually (after phone calls which have been ignored) re-sheduled for early September – ANOTHER six weeks wait.

Photo Credit: reproduced with kind permission of
Simon Kneebone – Cartoonist and Illustrator


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